Inca Salt coarse ground from the Andes




Inca Salt coarse ground– A true Gourmet treat
Inca sun salt, also known as Andes salt and Andean salt, comes from the highlands of the Peruvian Andes.

This Inca salt is a delicacy and is still extracted the same way as at the time of the Incas.
Of particular note is the high purity of the source from which the pools are filled. Since the spring rises to over 3000 metres in height and is far from any industry, a particularly pure salt is produced.

Inca sun salt is suitable for general home cooking and for table use.
The pale creamy pink crystals are complex and mild, with a resilient crunch.
Perfect for salads and seafood (especially pan fried trout) and unbelievable on sliced, ripe tomatoes.
Why not try some today and experience the taste for yourself?

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