Oolong Tea and Formosa Orange blossom

Oolong Tea and Formosa Orange blossom


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Formosa Orange Blossom and Oolong tea

Our premium China Oolong tea, married with our unbeatable Formosa Orange Blossom..
Formosa Oolong Orange Blossom is a light, delicate, brightly scented and highly refreshing Oolong tea, infused with the sweet, subtle aroma of Orange blossoms.
Formosa, now called Taiwan, is the world’s greatest producer of Oolong (or Wu-long) teas.
These delicious, biscuity, toasty, semi-fermented teas are half-way between Black and Green tea.

Brewing method:

Use one heaped TABLEspoon per person.
Place in cup/pot
Add required boiling water
Allow to infuse for 3-5 minutes
Strain into a cup and enjoy.

Best served without milk or Sugar

We also sell an exceptional quality Oolong tea in convenient teabag form for those who enjoy the ultimate in refreshing Teas.
Tea Strainers:
We do sell several types of different tea strainers on our website, and in our Hereford shop.
Please take a look.

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