Liquids and bottled goods

liquids and bottled goods
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Sell your own products with us:
Rent a shelf or table In Our Shop

At present we have no spaces available.

Please revisit this page or contact us to be placed on our waiting list.

Do you make things to sell?
Are you interested in starting out to sell your own products?

Would you like to sell your products locally, but cannot afford a shop or market stall?
Look no further, as The Spiceworks can help you achieve your dream.

We are able to offer limited shelf/ table space within our Eign Gate shop for certain products.
We have limited shelf space only available at present to rent out.
We are looking for the following locally home made products:
Jams/pickles/Chutney – NO
Cakes – NO
Hand-made Craft products – NO

If you make any of the above and would like to rent a ahelf/table space within our shop, then please contact us immediately for more information and availability.

How does it work?
The Spiceworks provide you with a table which will be located within our main retail area.

You are responsible for the layout and content of your shelf/table within The Spiceworks shop.
You can decorate/fill this to your own design.
You can set your own sales prices for your products.
You are not required to man your shelf/table at any time to obtain sales. You simply set it all up and leave the rest to us.
Making a sale:
When a customer purchases one of your products, our staff log the sale and put the sales money into your own safe draw.
Credit/Debit card sales:
As we take credit and debit cards within our shop, you will benefit also from this service, as we will simply add the cash value of any card sales to your safe draw.
Many customers now pay via card, you will not miss out on valuable sales because we will take the card payment for you.

Any sales will be handled by our own staff and the proceeds of any sales will be available to collect at any time by yourself during our normal shop opening hours.
Should your table become low on stock, then we will contact you so that you can replenish your stock level on your table if you so wish.
Only the products that we agree to sell for you will be allowed.
You can access your table at any time during our normal shop opening hours.

Government requirements:
Products will need to be clearly labelled.
If food products, they will need to:
a: Have a Best Before or Use By date attached to the label.
b: They must have a list of ingredients.
c: They must be in a SEALED food-grade bag/container.
d: They must be priced.

Craft products:
Preferably, they should have clear instructions for use, even if self-evident to yourself.
They should not pose a threat or danger to any potential customer, either prior to, or after, purchase. (Basically, no nasty sharp bits or other similar dangers).
They must be priced.
Your contact information should be on each product label.

You will not be required to have an EAN or a barcode on your product.
If an EAN or barcode is required by yourself, then The Spiceworks can allocate a unique code for each of your products at an additional cost of £1,65 per EAN/Barcode. This code will be yours to keep for future use of your product in other market places that may require one, such as Amazon, Ebay etc.
If you are thinking of using an EAN for your own purposes, please discuss your requirements with us. However, you do NOT require an EAN/barcode to sell within our shop.

We offer 2 methods of selling your product. (Not available at present)
Table space:
Each table will be approx 4 feet square (120cm):
Tables are rented out on a per month basis- renewable at the end of each monthly rental period if required.
No individual rental is longer than 1 month per rental.
The minimum contract length is 1 month (1st to the last day of same month).
You can try a table for 1 month only if required.
Shelf space: (Limited availability)
We offer this in 1 X 3ft width X 12” deep runs (1 shelf).
Both are priced the same.

The Financial side:
Payment in full is to be made prior to commencement of each rental period.
We offer 2 plans:
Plan 1:
Each rental period is for 6 days – Monday – Saturday.
The weekly rental charge is not refundable for the remainder of the week should you choose not to use, or to close, your shelf/ table within our shop during that time.
Table rental is £22.50 per table per 6-days plus VAT.

Plan 2:
Each rental period is for 1 month- from the 1st of the month, to the last day of that same month.
The monthly rental charge is not refundable for the remainder of the month should you choose not to use, or to close, your shelf/table within our shop during that time.
Rental is £55.50 per shelf/table per month plus VAT.
We take no percentage from your product sales, 100% of all of your sales is yours- all that you pay is the shelf/ table rental fee, however much you sell.

Contact us:
Please send an email to us detailing your requirements and the product/s that you wish to sell.
We will then contact you with available dates.
[email protected]

Please note that we cannot deal with enquiries that are made in store, they must be made via email to the above email address.

Sell on our website:
Advertise your product/s on our website.
You provide us with the details of your product and a picture.
We put it up for sale alongside our products for all visitors to see.
Every sale that you make, we take 40% of the sale price. This will also include our despatch costs to the customer, so you will have nothing else to pay, (packaging and postage costs can be very high, often coming to more than the actual sale price of the product, especially glass jars etc).
If we stock your product in our shop also, then we see to all packing and despatch requirements for you.
If we do not have your product in stock, then we pass customer details onto you so that you can despatch to them.
We will then pass the remaining percentage of the sale price onto you via your chosen preferred payment method (paypal, cash, bank etc).

We do expect that all despatches are done within a 48-hour window in line with our standard despatch procedure.
If you have any questions, please ask via our email address.
[email protected]

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