Chia seeds –Aztec Gold (Salvia hispanica)

Chia seeds –Aztec Gold (Salvia hispanica)


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Chia seeds –Aztec Gold

(Salvia hispanica)

Another ancient food that is rapidly coming back into fashion due to its nutritional value and possible health benefits.

From the Andes and Mexico, where Quinoa seeds also originate, this seed will pack vitality into your diet.

There are two types of Chia seed, the white and the dark.
There is absolutely no nutritional difference between the two.
We supply either, whichever we have in stock at the time.

High in Omega3

Eat on their own or sprinkle on cereal etc- they taste good anyway that you take them.

Sprinkle on cereals, over salads.
Eat on their own.
Smoothie/High protein shake:
As these are small seeds, they can be taken as a drink/shake/smoothie.

Mix one heaped Tablespoon-full with 450ml juice/water etc, and stir really well. Leave to stand for approx 10 minutes, then drink.

Try with our own high protein hemp powder for an ultra energy punch.

Take once or twice per day, with a total of 50g (25g morning, 25g evening, or one of 50g).

Chia has many health-giving properties associated with it, these include:
Heart health
Anti inflammatory
High energy
Increased brain power

Weight control

Remember to always seek professional medical advice prior to ingesting any natural herbs or plants etc if you are unsure or already taking prescribed medications.


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