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Gingko Biloba herbal tea infusion

Ginkgo Biloba

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It is said that this herb improves memory and blood circulation, etc.

Try some today and begin to enjoy the effects of this weel- known herbal tea infusion.

Chinese medicine uses it as a lung fortifier, cardiotonic, to maintain normal cholesterol level, to improve cerebral vascular flow and oxygenation, and to enhance memory, mental clarity and alertness.

Steep in hot water for 3 – 5 minutes for hot tea. Steep in hot water and refrigerate for ice-tea.

Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest living tree species.
Almost extinct following the Ice Age, the ginkgo tree survived only in Asia, and was imported to Europe and America in the 18th century as an ornamental street tree.

An extract is prepared from the dried green leaves.

Uses and Benefits:
A standardized Ginkgo biloba extract (GBE) first became popular in Germany in the 1960s when a group of scientists found it to be particularly active while investigating the effects of exotic herbs on circulation.

This extract was extensively researched and used for cognitive defects and peripheral vascular disorders in European countries, and is now commonly promoted for similar uses in the U.S, particularly for the treatment of dementia and Ihe enhancement of memory.
GBE is used to treat circulatory impairment (cerebrovascular and peripheral arterial insufficiency), vertigo, tinnitus, impotence, asthma, allergies, premenstrual syndrome, depression, and many other disorders.

Use 1 heaped tablespoon per cup required. (2g)
Place in pot.
Add boiling water.
Allow to infuse for 5 – 8 minutes.
Strain into a cup and enjoy

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