Tamarind whole dried seeds -Ambalia Black

Tamarind whole dried seeds -Ambalia Black


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Tamarind seeds- whole  (Ambalia black)

Add the authentic sweet/ sour taste to your dishes using the liquid from these seeds.

Most Asian countries do not use Lemon to add tartness. Instead, many use the Tamarind seed/pods.

How to Prepare an authentic Tamarind liquid for cooking.
1/2 cup of boiling water water.
1 tablespoon tamarind seeds, cut or broken into small pieces.
Soak the pods in the water until soft, approx 1-3 hours.
With your fingers, rub the seeds until they are free of the pod fibres.
Strain off the seeds and fibrrous materiel. Use as directed in your recipe.

Tamarind is also an ingredient in genuine Worcestershire sauce.

We also sell Tamarind pods and the seed powder for total ease of use.

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