Liquorice dried root cut

Liquorice dried root cut


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Liquorice root, cut root

Add Liquorice to stews and other dishes and experience its unique and subtle flavours- it will enrich any dish from whatever part of the world.
Add to vegetable dishes, fish and shellfish, tomato based sauces, sweetand savoury mixtures with nuts and fruit, especially figs and chestnuts.
Simply add a few pieces, or add to taste.
Liquorice can also be chewed and is often used as a breath freshener. However, be cautious if you suffer from hypertension as it is thought to have a detrimental effect.
Boil the cut roots up and strain to extract the juice for use in your cooking products.
In Liquorice toffee, combine with Aniseed to get the unique Liquorice flavour.

We also sell Liquorice whole root sticks. Liquorice root powder and the real 100% Liquorice juice sticks.

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