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Blend 4: Meadow Bank

Ingredients: Raspberry leaf, Marshmallow leaves, Passionflower, Hops, Red Clover, Sage, Chamomile

We can also make other blends up to your specific requirements from available herbs.
The minimum personal special blend is 1 Kilo.

The Spiceworks has now produced a unique blend of calming herbs that will help to relax the mind and increase tranquillity.
We only use top-grade legal herbs in our blend, so that you can be assured of quality product at all times.
We make these blends up at weekly intervals, so the products are always fresh.
Our blends can be hand-rolled or used in a pipe/bong.
It can also be used in a vaporiser if preferred.
Why not try some today and get a boost to kicking the Tobacco habit?

Due to the nature of the dried herbs used, it may be necessary to break down some of the larger pieces before using. We do try and minimise any larger sticks in our blends, but this is sometimes impossible to do 100%.

A small grinder is useful to have, they are quite inexpensive to buy.

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