Annatto dried whole seeds for making Achiote

Annatto dried whole seeds for making Achiote


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The Spiceworks brings you our top quality Annatto seeds which we import directly from Mexico & Peru.

Mayan . Mexican Achiote

Annatto product:

Annatto is produced from the reddish pulp which surrounds the seed of the achiote (Bixa orellana L.).
It is used in many cheeses (e.g., Cheddar, Red Leicester, and Brie), margarine, butter, rice, smoked fish and custard powder.

Achiote is a special seasoning powder or paste used to give all kinds of meat the flavour of Mayan cuisine.
Achiote is usually found as Achiote Paste or Achiote Powder, Both are derived from Annatto Seeds, the base for Achiote.
Achiote is added to traditional Mexican Food dishes to make the food come alive with authentic Mayan flavours.

Gently warm the whole seeds in cooking oil to release the colour and flavours. It is best to cover the pan, as these seeds can jump when warmed.
Grind annatto seeds with a coffee grinder as and when you need them.
Soak in warm water to release their colour.

Some people just use the liquid from the soaked seeds to add colour and depth to their dishes, especially to add colour to rice.

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