Hops dried flowers from Herefordshire

Hops dried flowers from Herefordshire


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Herefordshire-grown Dried Hops:

Here we offer an excellent quality of Dried hops from the Hopyards of Herefordshire.
To aid sleep- place inside a cushion/ pillow.
Mainly used in conjunction with other aromatic herbs, such as Lavender.
For Beer brewing. Add to recipe as required.
We sell these primarily for aromatic/Pot Pourri purposes, so cannot comment on their use for home brewing as varieties supplied are varied.
These are top quality dried hops from the Herefordshire hop growers- the home of true hop growing – bringing you a true aroma of the English countryside.

Buy some today as supplies of this batch are limited.

Note: From time to time we may substitute Hops grown in other areas due to local supply shortages.

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