Thai sweet Basil dried Herb 25g

Thai sweet Basil dried Herb 25g


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Thai Sweet  Basil dried herb

We also sell Thai Holy Basil.

Very hard to find now, this wonderful herb will add authenticity to your Thai and Asian dishes.

If wished, you can soak this in a little warm water to reconstitute the herb before use.

However, there is no real need to do so.

Thai Basil is also know as  Asian Basil and the Thai name is bai horapa.

Theses tropical varieties of Basil are referred to as “Thai Basil” are slightly sweeter in flavour and are more stable when cooked than the Mediterranean Basil.

Thai basil is widely used in the cuisines of Southeast Asia, including Thai, Vietnamese, Lao, and Cambodian cuisines. Thai basil leaves are a frequent ingredient in Thai green and red curries

This basil is used in simple stir-fries, and together with garlic, fresh chillies and fish sauce, it imparts a wonderful flavour to any meat or seafood.

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