Skullcap dried herb -Organic


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Skullcap dried herb- Organic
(Scutellaria lateriflora)
Plant Family: Lamiaceae
Other Names:
American Skullcap, Blue Pimpernel, Blue Skullcap, Escutelaria, Grande Toque, Helmet Flower, Hoodwort, Mad-Dog Herb, Mad-Dog Skullcap, Mad-Dog Weed, Mad Weed, Quaker Bonnet, Scullcap, Scutellaria, Scutellaire, Scutellaire de Virginie, Scutellaire Latériflore, Scutelluria, Scutellaria lateriflora, Toque Bleue, Toque Casquée, Toque des Marais.

Organic herb.
This is 100% natural herb with no additives or chemicals and is GMO-free.
Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan use.

Product of the USA.
Packed in the UK by The Spiceworks.

Culinary uses include curries, stews, soups and hotpots and other dishes- add as per recipe instructs.

We also sell this in convenient teabag form.

Skullcap is a comforting herb, traditionally used to alleviate nervous tension and exhaustion.
It is used to promote emotional wellbeing and relaxation during times of occasional distress.
Skullcap is used for insomnia, anxiety, stroke, and paralysis caused by stroke. It is also used for fever, high cholesterol, “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis), rabies, epilepsy, nervous tension, allergies, skin infections, inflammation, and spasms.
For a mild sedative, combine equal parts skullcap, hops and valerian root.
This can be taken as a tea up to three times daily with the last drink taken half an hour before bed.

The Spiceworks also sell Hops and Valerian and can make any blend that you require, tailored to your own specifications.

Use 1 heaped TEAspoon per cup required
Place in pot
Add boiling water
Allow to infuse for 4-6 minutes
Strain into a cup and enjoy.

As with all natural herbs, always consult a qualifiwed medical proctitione BEFORE you start ingesting this product.

Please see our complete range of dried herbs and spices that are on offer.

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