Palm Sugar Organic fine/medium-ground- Jaggary




Palm Sugar- Organic natural & unrefined

Unrefined organic dehydrated natural Coconut Palm Sugar
No cane Sugar

100% natural

100% Organic


Dark, unprocessed sugar derived from various palms.
The dark brown mass is sold in cylindrical shapes or crudely shaped into balls of varying size, from marbles to coconuts.
It has a heady aroma and delicious flavour somewhere between brown sugar and molasses with a hint of fermentation.
Used to flavour hot milk and many vegetarian curries.
It is also served at breakfast (shaved into crumbly flakes or chopped into small pieces) with freshly grated coconut to accompany hoppers (pancakes), or a porridge of unpolished rice.
It sweetens and flavours that rich coconut milk and tapioca drink from Burma, moh let saung, Sri Lanka’s famous Vattalappam, and many local snacks.
In Thailand it is used not just for confections, but also to add the necessary touch of sweetness to hot curries

When boiled down, the sap of the palm tree is concentrated into heavy, moist palm sugar such as that used in Thai cooking, and sold in wide-mouthed jars from which it is spooned.
The sugar ranges from almost white to pale honey-gold to deep, dark brown in colour with variable consistency.

To concentrate the nectar into solid sugar, the fresh juice is boiled down and evaporated before being poured into bamboo sections to form cylindrical shapes, or into coconut shells so they emerge as large shallow hemispheres, or into small baskets woven of palm leaves.
In this form, the sugar has to be scraped or chipped from the rather hard block.
This gur as it is called in India, or jaggery as it is known in Sri Lanka and Burma, gula melaka in Malaysia or gula jawa in Indonesia, is used on a daily basis in these countries as a sweetener.

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