Mango dried ground powder – Amchoor

Mango dried ground powder – Amchoor


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Mango Powder.


Other Names: Amchoor, Amchur.
Amchoor is made from mangoes and it’s spice is made from un-ripe fruit hence the pleasant, sweet aroma and sweetish fruity flavour.
It is good with stir- fried vegetables and gives a fruity tang to vegetable stews and soups.
Amchoor is very good in maranades, and it is used to tenderise poultry, meat and fish. It is also commonly used in chutneys.

One teaspoon of this naturally lumpy powder is equivilant to three tablespoons of lemon juice. (Note: This powder naturally ‘lumps’ together, it is a characteristic of Mango powder.)

Used in vegetarian dishes, soups, marinades, chutneys and curries.
A little goes a long way, but what a difference it makes to the taste.
A really good addition to the spice shelf. You will find 1001 uses for this versatile product.


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