Lovage dried herb leaf


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Lovage herb
This herb has been used for many hundreds of years to ease stomach-related pain and chest complaints.
Lovage is used as “irrigation therapy” for pain and swelling (inflammation) of the lower urinary tract, for prevention of kidney stones, and to increase the flow of urine when urinary tract infections or fluid retention is present.

Lovage is also used for indigestion, heartburn, stomach bloating, intestinal wind, irregular menstrual periods, sore throat, boils, yellowed skin (jaundice), malaria, fluid around the lung (pleurisy), gout, joint pain (rheumatism), and migraineheadaches. It is also used as an expectorant to loosen phlegm in respiratory conditions.

In foods and beverages, lovage is used as a flavouring component.
The leaf can be mixed in with salad dishes to enhance the flavour.
It is often used in place of Celery in dishes.
As a herbal ‘Tea’ Infusion, it has a very pleasing aroma and taste, and is an ideal way to take this healing herb.
Use 1 heaped TEAspoon per cup required.
Place in pot.
Add boiling water.
Allow to infuse for 4-6 minutes.
Strain into a cup an enjoy.
Can be taken hot or cold.
Best without milk.
A small quantity of sweetener can be added if required.
Take 3 times per day if taken as medication for stomach or chest pain relief.

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