Heat seal empty teabags / herb bags 50 X pieces


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Empty teabags – heat seal

Pack of 50 empty bags


Seal with an iron or heat sealer.

No fiddly strings to tie, which tend to leak anyway.

Made from perforated filter paper.

100% recyclable.


Make your own herbal tea infusions.

Use these to put Lavender or other herbs in to pop into your bath for a pleasant, aromatic, soak.

Add to the cooking pot with your favourite herbs/spices sealed inside.

These empty tea bags are heat sealed- you can use a hot iron if you do not own a heat sealer.

3.2” x  3.7”  (8 x 9.5 cm) approx size,

These are also ideal for all herbs/spices/aromatics.

Photos are for illustration purposes only – these are empty herb/teabags.

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