Chipstone bracelets (Gemstone chips)

Chipstone bracelets (Gemstone chips)


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Moss Agate, White Jasper, Tiger Eye, Green Jasper, Sodalite, Adventurine Green, Coralite Stone, Amethyst, Blood Garnet, Rose Quartz

Chipstone bracelets

Made from chipped tumbled gemstones.

Chip Stone Bracelets with gemstone chips on a strong elastic thread.

Chip stones are polished, so they are comfortable to wear, mix and match to look cool.


We have the following available:


Moss Agate

White Jasper

Tiger Eye

Green Jasper


Adventurine Green

Coralite stone

Amethyst - out of stock

Blood Garnet - out of stock

Rose Quartz - out of stock



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