Dandelion dried raw root

Dandelion dried raw root


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Dandelion raw dried root

Product: Dandelion Root

Latin Name: Taraxacum officinalis

Plant Family: Asteraceae

Other Names: Cankerwort, Clockflower, Tell-The-Time, Blowball, Puffball, Priest’s Crown, Swine Snout, Meacamas, Piscialetto, Pissenlit, Dent de Lion, Kuhblume, Tarassaco

This is the raw, un-roasted root (we also sell the Dandelion root ‘Coffee’ that has been lightly oven-roasted and is taken as a Coffee substitute).

Use this on its own, or with our Burdock dried root- we also sell the Dandelion and Burdock root ready blended for your convenience.

Dandelion root acts as mild laxative and helps to soften stool. By improving bile production in the body, this herbal tea also promotes healthy metabolism of fats. This also stimulates your natural appetite and improves digestive health.

Dandelion root has a natural diuretic effect, allowing your liver to more quickly eliminate toxins. It also helps strengthen the immune system, balance blood sugar levels, relieve heartburn and soothe digestive issues.

 To make a herbal infusion:

Use 1 heaped teaspoon of the root per cup required.

Place in pot.

Add boiling water.

Allow to infuse for 6- 9 minutes.

Strain into a cup and enjoy.

May be taken up to 4 times per day as part of a cleansing/detox regime.

Best taken without milk or sugar.

If a sweetener is preferred, we recommend our natural Palm Sugar granules. Alternatively, you could try our natural Stevia powder.

Do not use if taking other diuretics or water pills, as it can increase dehydration.

ALWAYS consult a qualified medical opinion BEFORE ingesting any herbs.

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