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Fuller’s Earth- Calcium Bentonite Clay/Green Clay:
Healing health & detox from The Spiceworks

Top quality cosmetic grade clay.

Fullers Earth- Bentonite Clay
Please read carefully
Although many sellers state openly that their Fullers Earth may be ingested, there is NO such classification as ‘food grade’ for this product.
The highest grade is suitable for cosmetic use on the outer body only- this is the grade of our Fullers Earth.
Grades are established only by passing the product through a sieve-the finer the holes in the sieve, the ‘higher’ its grade.
The product is NOT cleaned in any other way.
The Spiceworks have seen this process many times on a first-hand basis, and can vouch for this.
It is a raw product that is mined from within the earth on an industrial scale, with no hygiene checks being in place.
People’s lives are being put at possible risk by this product through ingesting it.
Of course, the health and beauty industry is making a hefty profit from these sales, so what do they care?
We are more concerned, however, and urge anyone who is offered a ‘food grade’ Fullers Earth to firstly ask to see the sellers grading certificate to back this claim up-it will be false as there is no such legal definition.
Secondly, we ask that you report them to your local Trading Standards office and your local council’s health and safety department.
Please, do NOT ingest this product, it is unsafe, wherever you buy it from.
If you really ned to cleanse your body, try our Cleansing Herbs blend, safe and very effective.

Green clay is the most versatile remedy nature provides. It also is very good value and it has no limited shelf life because it is inorganic like ground rock.
Green clay – safe wound healer
Green clay can be used externally as a wound healer.
It stops the bleeding wounds in seconds, it disinfects them, it cools inflammation and it draws tissue together. It greatly supports the healing process.

Good quality clay is sterile and safe to use on open wounds. It is the perfect first aid remedy.

Cleanses skin deep

Ground clay is also used externally as a skin cleansing remedy because it draws impurities out of the pores and defoliates effectively.

Oily skin can be re-balanced when clay is mixed with water or herbal infusion, dry skin is beautifully nourished when the clay is mixed with a good vegetable oil like organic avocado oil and then applied to the skin.

A face mask with clay will tighten and brighten the skin of any age.

Facial cleanser
Add a little Rose Water to make a stiff paste and apply.
Leave on for 15 minutes.

A face mask using Orange juice can be used to help remove and prevent Acne.

Use Fuller’s earth as a compress to relieve insect bites, menstrual cramps, muscle pain, or burns.

Simply mix with a little water and apply/hold in place with a cloth such as muslin or linen.

For leg ulcers

Leg ulcers heal much better when they are treated with ground clay because of its drawing and sterilising action.


Fullers Earth is the common name for calcium montmorillonite.

It is a naturally occurring sedimentary clay, composed mainly of alumina, silica, iron oxides, lime, magnesia, and water, in variable proportions.

It is highly absorbent and rich in essential minerals.

Fullers Earth is a wonderful natural remedy that has been used for centuries to treat medical conditions and aid health.

The name is derived from its first use for fulling, an ancient process, where ‘Fullers’ (cloth makers) used Fullers Earth to absorb and remove oil and dirt from wool so that it could be made into cloth.

Fullers Earth is a highly absorbent substance commonly used as a cleanser to absorb and remove all types of oil, dirt and grease.

We also stock Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, another excellent health and detox product.

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