Chipotle Mexican dried smoked Jalapeno flakes

Chipotle Mexican dried smoked Jalapeno flakes

Chipotle Mexican dried flakes smoked Chilli Peppers- Red Morita

Chipotle dried flakes- Mexican Chilli Peppers (smoked Jalapeno)


We also sell the whole Chipotle smoked.


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The Spiceworks import these direct from Mexico at regular intervals so as to ensure freshness for you.

Chipotle (smoked Jalapeno) Red Morito.

These are quite mild, being in the heat range of 12,000-15000 and will add a touch of classic Mexico to any of your dishes.

6/10 Heat

The warm smoked flavour makes these ideal as a rub as well as a Chilli cooking ingredient.

Use them with a stuffing to add a depth to your roast.
Flavour: Smokey and Fruity.

Do you enjoy Chicken Tacos? Then these Chipotle Chilli Peppers will enhance and transform them.

Flavour your Rum

Add a handful to a bottle of Rum and leave to infuse for a couple of months.You will be amazed at the taste experience.

You can rest assured that these Chipotle Chilli Peppers are of our usual high standard and optimum freshness.

There are two types of chipotle chilli Morita and Meco.

The Morita chilli is a deep berry red and has a light, smoky taste.

The Meco chilli has a tan coloured skin from the smoking process this has a fruitier taste along with intense smokiness.

A little goes a long way.

The heat of the Chipotle dried chilli is similar to the fresh version, and produces a medium to hot chilli with a delicious smokey aroma.6/10 heat

We sell both the Brown Meco and the Red Morita.

Add both for a colourful and delicious eating experience.

We also sell our unique Oak smoked Jalapeno Pepper & Dead Sea salt blend, why not try some of this gourmet product?
In total, we stock over 30 different Chillies.

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