Special herbal Blend

Special herbal Blend


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Herbal special blend- Bespoke Blend

These Blends are made to order

Minimum order of the Special blend is 1 Kilo

We  make these blends up to your specific requirements from available herbs that we have in stock.

Special blends. How to order:

Please email us your blend requirements-maximum of 5 products.

Note: If you do not specify your preferences for the Special Blend, we will send you our basic Special Blend.

Please only order products that are shown as in stock on our website.

If a product is not in stock, then we will add another similar product.

Please allow up to 7 working days for despatch of all special blends.

All of our herbal blends are composed of 100% Legal Herbs and natural botanicals that are suitable for herblal ‘Tea’ infusions.

Please send us your requirements using up to 5 ingredients.




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