Pot Pourri – Victorian spice garden blend

Pot Pourri – Victorian spice garden blend


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Pot Pourri – Victorian spice garden blend

Treat yourself to a little bit of history with this unique offer.
This is my Great Great Grandmothers recipe, being taken from her personal diary of 1873.
She also mentions it in her ‘trade’ diary, so we must assume that it was also offered for sale within the shop?
Because the family at that time ran a ‘General shop’ as well as a bakery, she had access to many exotic spices and fragrances from all around the world.

Hence her ‘Spice Garden’ blend.

The Spiceworks own blending is based 100% on my Gt Gt Grandmothers, allowing you to experience the fragrances that were enjoyed over 130 years ago, here in the UK.

My late Mother  had a heart-shaped ‘Posy’ of this blend sewn into a Calico cloth that her Great Grandmother gave to her personally in 1930. So, there is an actual original sample of this item still in the family- a direct link to Victorian times.
Unfortunately it has lost its potency over the years, but it is a direct link to my Great Great Grandmothers actual blend from the 1870’s.
Display it in small dishes on its own or mix it in with other pot pourri ingredients, the aroma will amaze you and liven up the whole room.
Add a posy to your clothes cupboard. wardtobe or drawers to enjoy the unique aroma daily.

Explain to your friends and visitors that this is an old Victorian recipe and they will soon be asking for their own sample of this unique item! You CANNOT buy this anywhere else in the world.

Try a pack today and share in these long-enjoyed fragrances & aromas.

No need to buy artificial refresher oils, as this is cheap enough to renew at regular intervals- and let’s face it, there is NO refresher oil on the market that could even begin to re create this authentic Victorian fragrance.

This comes to you in a resealable plastic bag so that it is kept fresh until you need it.

This is a very subtle blend, best suited to drawers/wardrobes.

It is not an in-you-face overpowering aroma at all.

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