Mulled wine dried spice blend

Mulled wine dried spice blend


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Mulled wine spice blend

This is our own blend of spices that include: Allspice: Cinnamon: Orange peel: Lemon peel: Cloves & Nutmeg.

This makes a truly ‘Victorian’ style mulled wine and is taken from a family-member’s Victorian recipe book of 1887.

20g will easily do one normal bottle of wine, perhaps two if you don’t want a strong flavour.
Some people also add one quarter of a cup of sugar to the recipe.

Basically you put the spices in with whatever bottle of wine you choose.
Add them to a large saucepan.
Stir and allow to come almost to the boil (but not reach boiling point).
Keep this temperature for 10 minutes and keep stirring.
Remove and strain if required. (though my Great Grandmother did not strain hers).

Treat yourself today and start enjoying your own mulled wine tomorrow (almost).

You can also add this mulled wine spice mix to other drinks, such as cider,  tea, beer, fruit juice, etc- whatever takes your fancy, really.
It will keep you warm inside on even the coldest winters day.

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