Hawthorn herb dried leaves

Hawthorn herb dried leaves


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Hawthorn herb dried leaves

The Spiceworks supply both the leaves and the berries of the Hawthorn tree.

We also sell these pre mixed for infusion use, as the infusion tonic is more potent combined.
However, here we offer just the dried leaves on their own.


Both the leaves and berries can be used as a herbal ‘Tea’ infusion.

Hawthorn Tea Infusion
Brewing directions
Use 1 heaped teaspoon per cup required (2g)
Place in pot
Allow to infuse for 5-8 minutes
Strain into a cup and drink.
Can be taken 3 times per day for best effect.

Please remember tyo consult a qualified medical practitioner prior to taking any herbal remedies if you are at al concerned about your health.

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