Aronia berries – ideal for Gin/ brewing etc (Chokeberries)




 Chokeberries  (Aronia berries)

Ideal for adding to Gin instead of Juniper berries etc.


Rich in anthocyanins, carotenes, flavonoids, and other organic antioxidants, in addition to vitamins and minerals, these super berries may play a major role in boosting health and treating/preventing a number of medical conditions.

The name chokeberry comes from the berry’s tart quality and the fact that it often makes your mouth scrunch up  when you eat it. This flavour becomes much more palatable when the berries are sweetened or used in various dishes.

 Chokeberries are commonly used in sweets, desserts, cakes,beverage flavouring, yoghurt, juice, beer, ice cream, wine, syrup, and can even be brewed as a herbal tea infusion.


From quercetin, epicatechin, caffeic acid, and malvidin to lutein, zeaxanthin, and carotene, chokeberries provide a huge amount of antioxidant protection that may increase your overall health.

 To make a herbal infusion.

 Brewing method.

Use 1 heaped TEAspoon per cup required.

Place in pot.

Add boiling water.

Allow to infuse for 4-6 minutes.

Strain into a cup and enjoy.

Best taken without milk.

As these are very tart in flavour, a sweetener may be required.

We recommend our own natural Palm sugar, or our Green Stevia powder.

Take as required.

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