Catnip (catmint) dried herb


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Catnip dried herb (Catmint)

Nepeta cataria

Plant Family: Lamiaceae

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Product of the USA

A calming/ sedative herb ideal for use with children.

Not only cats love this versatile herb.

Catnip can be used in soups, stews and mixed into herb blends for seasoning dishes.

Catnip is a particularly good herb for children and can be used to relieve colic and tummy upsets, colds, flu, fever and soothes an upset child.

It combines well with lemon balm and chamomile.

Catnip has been used in European folk medicine for generations as a calming agent for body and mind.

It is gentle and is very useful for children and infants with digestive or emotional disturbances.

The essential oil has been used as a fragrance in perfumes, as a culinary flavoring, and more recently, as an insect repellent.

Smoke it:

It is also added to smoking blends and gives a calming smoke with, or without, other herbs being added to the blend.

We have many different herbal smoking blends on offer here on the website, please visit our smoking mix page.

Cat toys:

You can also add this dried herb to the inside filling of cat toys to make them more playful, as most cats will go wild over this herb.

Note: As with all natural plants, we recommend that you  consult with a qualified medical practitioner BEFORE ingesting any herbs.

Recommended NOT to be used internally during pregnancy.

Herbal ‘Tea’ Infusion.


Use 1 to 2 heaped TEAspoon per cup required (3-6 g)

Place in pot

Add boiling water

Allow to infuse for 5-8 minutes

Strain into a cup and enjoy.

Best taken without milk or sugar.

If a sweetener is required, we recommend using our natural Palm Sugar, or our Stevia leaf powder.

Take up to 3 cups per day as required.

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