Cajun spice blend

Cajun spice blend


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The essential Cajun spice blend

Pre mixed essential Cajun-style spice blend
The Spiceworks own selection of essential spices, blended together for you in one easy-to-use pack.

This is an authentic Cajun-style selection of spices that will make your dishes even more appetising and enjoyable.

For those of us with little time on our hands.

We have created the ultimate time-saver.

Our spices are blended together in the correct proportions to give you a top quality taste with the minimium of fuss.


Paprika, Cayenne, Fennel, Basil, Garlic, freshly ground Black Pepper, Cumin, Onion, Mustard, Sea Salt.

Try some today and add that special uniqueness to your creations.

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