Cinnamon ground powder 100% pure medical grade





Cinnamon powder- medical grade from Sri Lanka

  The Real Deal

The Spiceworks offers you yet another unbeatable deal from our high class product range.

Superior quality at the lowest prices-GUARANTEED!

Cinnamon powder REAL from Sri Lanka – Cinnamomum Zeylanicum -ultra low Courmarin levels

Top quality Grade ‘A’ for medicinal/culinary use.

This is the Real Cinnamon powder from Sri Lanka and NOT the Cinnamon cassia as sold by others masquarading as pure Cinnamon.

If you require Cinnamon powder for medical use, then this is the only one to use, as it is low in Courmarin levels.

You can, of course, still use this for all of your culinary and other cooking purposes.

Offered to you here in retail sized packs at wholesale prices.

This is probably the freshest Cinnamon powder that you will ever find.
The Spiceworks imports this at regular intervals so as to ensure our high standards of freshness and quality are always met.

Much more versatile than Cinnamon sticks. The powder can easily be added to any dish that create.

A sweet, mild spicy flavour. Delicious in puddings, cakes, stewed fruits and hot drinks.

Add a little Cinnamon powder to hot milk, chocolate, coffee or mulled wine for a spicy, warming drink.

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