BBQ Summer spice selection 4- pack

BBQ Summer spice selection 4- pack


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BBQ summer spice blends 4-pack selection

Why not try our super summer spice blends on your BBQ and other cooked dishes?

We have selected 4 special blends that will compliment any dish- inside or out- so as to give you that perfect flavour.

Convenient 25g of each spice- ideal to sample each product.

Experience the subtle flavours of the different spices in your dishes.

Use as a rub, or mix with a little water then add your meat to soak in it (1 hour min, preferably overnight so as to enhance the flavour of the spices).

25g per flavour X 4 = 100g total per pack.

4-pack 1

BBQ Meat Rub

Cajun spice

Piri Piri

Ras el Hanout

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