Szechuan/Sichuan/Sechuan whole Peppercorns

Szechuan/Sichuan/Sechuan whole Peppercorns


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The Spiceworks brings you:

Whole Szechuan/ Sechuan/ Sichuan Peppercorns


The Spiceworks now imports all of our Peppercorns direct from their source country, thus we can ensure the quality of our stocks.

Sichuan is not really a Peppercorn at all.
It possesses a unique and wonderful aroma & taste that will not set your mouth on fire.

Beloved by many of the worlds chefs, Sichuan will easily find a useful place inside your spice cupboard.

Try some today, and savour its uniqueness for yourself.

These are excellent used on their own for all cooking purposes, or added to a mixed Peppercorn blend.
The Spiceworks offer these at a fair and reasonable price to our customers- prices that CANNOT be beaten anywhere else.

We stock all other Peppercorns, here on our website.

The colours that are available from The Spiceworks are:
Sichuan (Szchuan)
Pre mixed 4-colour
Pre mixed 5-colour (with Allspice berries)


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