BBQ Meat spice rub

BBQ Meat spice rub


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BBQ meat spice rub

BBQ meat spice rub

Why not try our unique blend of exotic spices on your next BBQ?
Ideal also for all-year-round indoor use under the grill or for frying/oven cooking.

Freshly ground and blended each week so as to ensure maximum taste and flavour, this will liven up any social event.

To make a rub, just mix with a little oil and rub directly to the meat. (Olive oil is good, also)
For a fuller flavour, we recommend that you rub onto the meat and then keep in the fridge overnight- or for a few hours if time is short.

An easier way is to place 100g into a large resealable plastic bag,
put in the meat, one piece at a time, seal the bag,
and shake to coat the meat. (it is that simple).
Take out the meat and repeat.
Add more BBQ meat spice blend as required, and repeat with more meat.
If using cubed meat, just place a few pieces at a time in the bag.
Using the oil method can impart a softer flavour into the meat, as (depending on which oil that you use, some of its taste will also be imparted.

Suitable for all meat types.

The Spiceworks – spicing up your life.

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