Soothing herbal hand cream/salve -Calendula,Evening Primrose,Hemp seed

Soothing herbal hand cream/salve -Calendula,Evening Primrose,Hemp seed


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Soothing herbal antiseptic hand salve:

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Calendula, Evening Primrose and Hempseed base.

Our soothing hand salve is made using traditional methods.
It helps to soothe, heal and rejuvenate damaged and tired hands and skin the natural way.
Our salve combines the healing properties of gentle herbs with that of Hemp seed.
We use no chemicals or artificial preservatives, just natural herbs and oils.
Our salves are made using an ancient herbal recipe that has stood the long test of time.

We use only top quality dried herbs.
These are infused with base oils and allowed to steep for 14 days so that the goodness and healing properties of the herbs are deeply imparted and infused into the oils.
The end product is a soothing, healing, hand salve, one that is gentle and caring to your hands and body.
All oils used are organically grown.

The ingredients of our unique salve are:
The base/infusing oils used are cold-presssed Hemp seed oil, Calendula oil, and Evening Primrose oil.
Herbs: (Calendula. Comfrey. Rosemary. Rose petals. Peppermint. St John’s Wort).
Oils: Hemp oil. Calendula oil. Oil of Lavender. Oil of St John’s Wort. Oil of Myrrh. Oil of Vitamin E. Plus: Cocoa Butter. Pure Bees wax.

We make small batches up every 2 weeks, so that you can be assured of its freshness and effectiveness.

We believe our hand salve to be the best available anywhere.
It is created with care and an understanding of herbal remedies, to give you a top quality product, that will care for your hands (and feet) the natural way.

Simply apply whenever your hands or body needs revitalising, day or night.
A little goes a long way.

Can also be used on the feet with equal success.

Do not apply to open wounds or sores.

Thank you for supporting us.

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Store in a cool location away from direct Sunlight:

Use within 4 months of opening:

Approx weight 130g gross/ 90g net:

Best Before: 31/12/2020:

Always consult a qualified medical practitioner BEFORE taking any herbal products.

Note: The jar colour may vary, depening upon stock.

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