Liquorice Juice sticks

Liquorice Juice sticks




Liquorice Juice Sticks
Each stick is approx 5″ (13cm) long.

If broken, these sticks will make approx 6 to 8 ‘sweet-size’ sweets per stick.

This is the REAL Liquorice juice sticks that were around in the ‘old days’.

They are very hard to come by now- at least good quality ones are.

We can GUARANTEE that these are Grade ‘A’ and made from the finest roots.

These sticks are not full of added sugar (such as the manufactured ‘Bassett’ ones.

They are 100% natural, made solely from the Liquorice root juice. They are also supposed to be good if you have a cold or sore trhroat.

Do you remember sucking these on cold winter days as a child, so as alleviate such symptoms?.

Take a trip down memory lane and relive your youth with these delicious Liquorice juice sticks.


Liquorice Juice Sticks are made from the liquorice root which is boiled in water . The decoction is separated from the solid residue of the root, and is evaporated until a sufficient degree of concentration is attained.

Once cooled, it is rolled into the form of a stick.

These sticks are very hard and concentrated so they can simply be sucked like a lollypop or broken into pieces and added to hot water for a great tasting liquorice drink.

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