Traditional Brass Incense burners/ holders

Traditional Brass Incense burners/ holders




Traditional Brass Incense Burners& holders

Let the scent flow gently through the air with our Traditional Brass Incense burners.

Beautiful and elegant burners that will look great in any surrounding.

Our incense burner are made from 100% solid brass, featured with a convenient removable wooden handle for moving it about while in use, they are great for using when you want to take the incense from room to room.

You can, if you wish, remove the handles when in place.


Burners 1 & 2 are for use with incense/joss sticks.

The others can be used with cones or discs/oils etc to suit your own personal requirements.

WARNING: All types of incense burners become very hot when in use, so place on a flat, stable, heat-resistant surface and keep away from anything flammable.

 Keep away from children and animals.

 Sizes: All sizes given are approximate.

1: Med round   7cm  h x 7cm base   

2: Large round   8cm h x 8cm base

3: Ornate design/w handle   8cm h x 8cm base 

4: Plain/ w handle   11cm h x 11cm w x 13cm curved handle  

5: Pentagram/  w handle   11cm h x 11cm w x 13cm handle 

 Please see our Incense page for cones and other Incense products.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

1: Med round, 2: Large round, 3: Ornate+ handle, 4: Plain + handle, 5: Pentagram design + Handle