Chip Dip. Chip seasoning spice blend

Chip Dip. Chip seasoning spice blend




Chip Dip- Chip seasoning herbs & spice blend

The Great British Chip seasoning blend

The Spicework’s own blend of essential herbs and spices to make a tasty addition to your chips/ Cheese on toast etc.

Simply sprinkle over chips or potato wedges after cooking.
Add to Cheese on Toast or other toasted foods.
Sprinkle over mixed vegetables on a roasting tray with a little olive oil, toss to coat and roast in the oven.
Add to mashed potato for a delicious topping for shepherd’s or cottage pie.

Here are a few extra tips how to use The Spiceworks chip spice blend:

If you are doing oven chips, at the end of the cooking time add a little oil to the chips, mix up in the pan to spread the oil, then sprinkle over our Chip spice blend and return to the over for an extra five minutes.
If you are doing Cheesy Chips, when you add the cheese, also sprinkle over the cheese.



Make a basic Roux sauce and add 1 teaspoon to the mix,

Stir in well until the sauce thickens.
Use as a dipping sauce for your chips.


Suggested serving:
1 tsp = 1 serving

Dietary Information
• Free From Artificial Colours
• Free From Artificial Flavours
• Free from stabilisers
• Free from emulsifiers
• Free from anti caking agents



Paprika hot, Onion powder, Garlic granules, Black Pepper Coarse,  Smoked Paprika, Sea Salt.



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