Psyllium whole dried husks



Psyllium Husks-100% Naturally pure for detox and diet control

Psyllium seed husks
(also known as Ispaghula, Isabgol)

They are soluble in water, expanding and becoming thick & gluey (mucilaginous) when wet. and swell to many times their original size.

Used these days mainly as part of a detox regime to help purify & cleanse the body.

They are indigestible to humans, so pass through the gut rapidly- helping the cleansing process.

Very useful for constipation and to help treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Psyllium husks are also useful in Gluten-Free baking, where they help to bind the flour, making it less crumbly.

You will find these in many dietary supplements where ‘bulk’ is required so as to improve & maintain ‘regularity’ of bowel movement.

Our Psyllium husks are 100% Pure- we import these direct ourselves, so can Guarantee their quality & freshness.

Just sprinkle a few on your breakfast ceareals and forget Bran!!

ALWAYS drink plenty of water after consuming Psyllium Husks so as to speed up the natural processes.

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