Oak Bark, cut & dried


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Oak Bark

Product: Oak Bark cut & dried

Latin Name: Quercus robur syn, Quercus pedunculata, Quercus longaeva.

Plant Family: Fagaceae

Other Names: Tanner’s Bark, Common Oak, English Oak, Pedunculate Oak, French Oak, Royal Oak, White Oak, Duir, Quercus, Jove’s Nuts & Acorn Tree.

100% pure Oak Bark.

No preservatives, chemicals or additives.


Oak Bark (Quercus robur) is dried and used in many medical preparations. It is extremely rich in tannin, and is used by tanners for tanning leather and the bark itself, produces a rich dark dye. Acorns are used for making flour or roasted for acorn coffee. Oak galls were once used for centuries as the main ingredient in manuscript ink, harvested at a specific time of year.

It also makes a healthy herbal ‘Tea’ Infusion.


Making a Herbal ‘Tea’ Infusion.

Use 1 heaped TEAspoon per cup required when making up this infusion.

Because of the hard nature of the dried material it is best to soak the  bark first and leave for 12 hours (overnight is best).

The infusion should then be slowly heated for 8-12 minutes, strained and sipped slowly.

Best taken without Milk or Sugar.

If a sweetener is required, we recommend using our Natural Palm Sugar, or Stevia powder.


NOTE: Always consult a qualified medical opinion BEFORE ingesting any natural hebs/products.

Use 1 heaped TEAspoon per cup required when making up this infusion.


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