Arrowroot powder




Arrowroot powder.
Arrowroot powder is a starch, white in colour and finely ground.
Arrowroot is used as a natural thickener in cooking. It is known for its great clarity and used for thickening dessert sauces & Afro Caribbean / Oriental sauces etc. Arrowroot can be simply blended with water and added to cooking.
Arrowroot can be used for a clear glaze. Usually only half as much arrowroot is needed as normal flour.
Unlike cornstarch, however, arrowroot is completely flavorless and will not impart a starchy taste into puddings or other dishes that it is used to thicken.
Another reason that arrowroot is called for in recipes is that it is extremely digestible, moreso than regular wheat flour. It can be used in cookies and crackers as a substitute for part of the flour, and you can find “arrowroot biscuits” in stores that are often said to sooth the stomach. It is also a very popular ingredient in gluten-free baking. Still, it’s primary use is as a thickener. To use it, it must be mixed with some cold water before being added to a hot liquid to prevent clumping. Arrowroot can be found at some specialty grocers and can also be ordered online.


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