Annatto/ Achiote paste


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Annatto/ Achiote paste

The Spiceworks are extremely pleased to offer you our excellent Achiote paste.

Due to popular demand, we now make this paste up from the ingredients that we import direct from Mexico.

Be creative and a little different.
Ready to use and create your own outstanding results.

Our Annatto / Achiote paste is made with the highest grade Annatto seeds that are grown in the humid tropical climate of the Yucatan Peninsula in the south east of Mexico.

It is traditionally used as a seasoning in the famous Yucatecan and Central American dishes, mainly those influenced by the Mayan culture.

This is ideal to marinate or to prepare grilled or roasted beef, chicken and the most famous Cochinita Pibil.
It also tastes good with the BBQ food.

It’s really easy to prepare!
To marinate and season 1kg of beef, pork, chicken or fish, dilute 25g of paste with 1/2 cup of vinegar and stir well until mixed.
For better results, replace the Vinegar with a sour Orange juice / liquid.

Annatto seeds; spices; Corn flour; water; Vinegar, Sea Salt,
Keep sealed in a dry cool location.
Use within 120 days of opening.

We also sell Annatto whole seeds and Annatto ground powder.


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