Newsletter Spring 2016  

Greetings for the Spiceworks team.

Another hectic few months since the New Year has seen a whole sheaf of products rising rapidly in price across the Asian market.

Fortunately we have been able to absorb the vast majority of these increases by hammering out better deals with our suppliers in India, S E Asia and South America.

In a fair number of cases we were able to gain a lower price, which has now been reflected in reduced prices to you.



Our product range steadily expands as customers tell us what they would like to see on our shelves- if you require a product that we do not carry, simply inform us and we will see if we can obtain it for you.


Products in 2016:

Some of our newly stocked products include:...

Chicken flavour seasoning blend-meat-free



Lime (Linden) flowers

Lemon Verbena


Millet flakes

Bilberry leaves

Cassia sticks


Curry Blends:

Out authentic Curry blends continue to grow in popularity with our customers.

If you are looking for that special Curry taste to make your own Curries at home, then please try our blends.
We cater for all heats, from mild, medium and hot.

For those who like an extra hot Curry, then please try our Vindaloo Volcano-strength blend, you will not be disappointed.

We maker several other blends, including Madras, Malaysian, Garam etc.


Delivery costs:

Bearing in mind that Royal Mail have just announced their annual postal price rises for March 29th 2016 onwards, we have decided to keep our current postal charges as they are for another year.

We will wait and see if the courier companies follow suit by increasing their own prices for domestic and International courier deliveries.


Salt lamps:
Our Himalayan Pink Salt lamps took off in spectacular fashion over the Christmas 2015 period.

We soon ran out of stock, both online and in our shop, of these unique and extremely pleasing lamps.

They really do add uniqueness to your room, and will always be a talking point among your family and guests.


Bath bombs and other bathroom ‘smellies’:

These are also selling extremely well and we are hard-pressed to keep enough in stock sometimes.

Why not try some and experience a deep, relaxing, bath?


Herb/Spice jars:

We are now stocking these useful little jars.

Being small, they are useful to keep at hand in your kitchen filled with your favourite herbs, spices and salts etc.

They have a flapper cap that offer both a pour and a sprinkle/shaker.

Please have a look and stock up on these lovely little jars.


Our next newsletter will be on its way to you in eary Summer.

However, we are always here to answer your queries, so please drop us an email should you need something answering regarding dried herbs and spices.

Best wishes from the team.

28 Eign Gate Hereford HR4 0AB