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About The Spiceworks

About The Spiceworks Company Profile

With many years prior experience in the catering industry, The Spiceworks offers herbs, spices, herbal ‘Tea’ infusions and health food products to customers across the UK and beyond.

The family business is based in Hereford.

Our town centre shop is tailored to meet the demands and requirements of our retail customers.
From this location we also now run our trade and bulk sales side.

We supply exotic spices and herbs from around the world- importing many direct from Asia, South East Asian countries and South America.

Besides this, we also have many product sources within the UK that are grown locally and nationally within our country.

The Spiceworks are spice merchants to both individuals and to the bulk- buying catering and heath food industry.

We can supply from 25g to 100 Tonnes+ to suit your requirements.

We offer an extensive range of herbal tea infusions that cater for the widest taste.
Our prices are some of the lowest in the UK, while our product quality is always of the highest culinary standard.

We source our products individually, often visiting the country and location where they are grown.

This gives us the opportunity to meet the actual growers/farmers and see for ourselves just how the products are grown and harvested.

The products include some of the worlds most exotic spices, making them appropriate for special occasions and everyday use alike, and are available direct from our website.

The company offers excellent quality products, coupled with a state-of-the-art ordering system , thus enabling customers to save money, yet purchase the highest quality goods from the comfort of their homes.

Minimal packaging to help the environment.
We operate a minimal packaging regime throughout the company so as to cut down on waste. All products are supplied without outer wrappers and unnecessary packaging.

Organic products.
Many of our products are actually organically grown, though we do not sell them as such.
Our reasoning:
As we visit many overseas suppliers at regular intervals, we are aware of their planting/ growing techniques and procedures.
Many use natural and organic methods of growing, harvesting and drying their produce.
The actual growers do not benefit at all as far as the ‘organic’ label is concerned.
These are applied at a later stage by the dealers/exporters- at an additional cost to us.
Many times we are personally asked by the dealers/exporters whether we would like to ‘buy’ an organic documentation set for the products!
We therefore, whenever possible, endeavour to deal direct with the actual growers in these third-world countries.
This enables us to offer them a much fairer price-which they actually receive in their own pockets to spend as they wish on their families needs etc.

What sets us apart from other companies?
Unlike other companies who simply buy-in from other suppliers, The Spiceworks actually ‘gets involved’ with all sources whenever possible, travelling to meet new prospective clients at ‘farm level’.

By meeting and interacting with the actual growers/farmers, we are able to meet the ‘real people’ who provide our products.

Many take us into their homes to meet their families, share a meal and even allow us to stay with them for a night or two.

In this way we are able to experience, first-hand, just what is involved, and to see the hardships and frustrations that these hard-working families endure on a daily basis in order to make a meagre living.

Our company future:

Our goal is to continue offering top quality products at the lowest possible prices to our customers.

As new markets develop, we will explore them, with a view to bringing our customers ever more healthy and nutritious products which will benefit and enrich their lives.