We are proud to have sought an extensive supply of exotic herbs and spices from around the world, with many of our imports sourced directly from Asia and South America. Besides this, we also like to support our local farmers and source many products that are grown locally and nationally within the UK. Often we visit the country and location whereby the products are grown, this gives us the exciting opportunity to meet the actual growers and farmers so we can see for ourselves just how the products are grown and harvested. This experience also allows us to appreciate all of the hard work that goes into caring for these delicious herbs and spices, many are kind enough to allow us to stay with them for a night or two, whereby we can share a delicious home-cooked meal and meet their hard-working families. 




Our products include some of the world’s most exotic spices which are available directly from our website or can be found by visiting our shop, conveniently located in Hereford town centre. Our prices are some of the lowest in the UK, while the quality of our products is always of the highest culinary standard.

The Spiceworks are spice merchants to both individuals and to the catering and health foods industry, supplying anywhere from 25g to 100 tonnes+. Regardless of the size of the order, we aim to keep our packaging to a minimum and all of our products are supplied without outer wrappers and unnecessary packaging.

The majority of our products are organically grown, many of the overseas suppliers that we visit use natural and organic methods of growing, harvesting and drying their produce. Unfortunately, the actual growers do not benefit at all as far as the ‘organic’ label is concerned, such labels are applied at a later stage by the dealers and exporters at an additional cost to us.
We believe this process to be unfair to all of the hard-working families and as a result of this, we endeavour to deal directly with the actual growers whenever possible. In return, we offer them a much fairer price which they receive directly.